Dry transformer solution - dry transformer for nuclear power plant
I. product introduction
Class 1E (safety) and non class 1E (non safety) transformers
Class 1E dry-type transformer belongs to class 1E K3 equipment, which is installed outside the containment, and it is required to be able to perform its functions under normal operation conditions and earthquake load. Generally, there are both safety class 1E transformers (distribution transformers) and non-1e transformers (distribution transformers and isolation transformers) in the nuclear island. Conventional island and BOP transformer conventional island and BOP part mainly use conventional distribution transformer, isolation transformer and rectifier transformer.

II. Product features and advantages
Shunte Electric is the first enterprise to develop and develop dry-type transformer for nuclear power station in China. In 1993, it provided the first transformer product for Dayawan Nuclear Power Station, and in 2004, it provided 1E class SC (b) series distribution transformer for Qinshan nuclear power station. So far, more than 800 nuclear power transformers are in operation, with a time span of more than 25 years. Shunte Electric is also the only dry-type distribution transformer manufacturer with operating performance in all domestic nuclear power plants. All nuclear power transformers operate safely and reliably without any fault accident. In addition to the general advantages of dry-type transformer, the dry-type transformer for nuclear power station has the following unique advantages:
Excellent seismic performance
Theoretical finite element calculation is checked at every level. For each type of class 1E dry transformer product, the theoretical calculation of seismic design will be carried out through the finite element software, and the structural design of the product will be optimized based on the theoretical calculation results. With unique structure, the height of the device is low, which is conducive to the drop of the center of gravity and the product is more stable. With special seismic support design, special fastening design, the overall stability of the transformer will be maintained;
Aging resistance
The service life is long, and the effective life can reach 60 years, which is 2-3 times of that of conventional products;
Good radiation resistance
The influence on the insulation structure such as epoxy resin is very small, which can not be included in the aging simulation;