Technological innovation keeps pace with the times

Sunten electric equipment Co., Ltd.(formerly Sunten Electric Co., Ltd. and Shunde special transformer factory) has strong scientific research strength. As early as 1992, the provincial technology center "Guangdong city grid electrical engineering technology research and development center" was established. After years of investment and construction, it has developed into a modern product testing capacity of 220kV level with nearly 200 research and development personnel, six professional research rooms and 220kV level product testing capacity And gradually establish a technology innovation system with engineering center as the main body and combination of production, learning and research

Innovation is the driving force of Sunten's continuous progress. In 1988, after introducing dry-type transformer production technology from Germany, Sunten gradually absorbed, digested and innovated in combination with China's market situation. So far, it has successively launched six generations of products, namely SC, SC3, scb3, SC8 (scb8), SC9 (scb9) and SC10 (scb10). Sunten developed 12 pulse metro traction rectifier transformer manufacturers, and in 1997 successfully developed a higher performance 24 pulse dry rectifier transformer. In 1999, Sunten electric completed the "Ninth Five Year Plan" national major technical equipment research project "Research on epoxy cast dry-type excitation transformer for the left bank generator set of the Three Gorges Project", which made great contribution to the localization of excitation transformer equipment of the Three Gorges power station and the construction of the Three Gorges project. In 2001, the IE grade transformer of Sunten electric nuclear power passed the appraisal of nuclear safety center of State Environmental Protection Administration and provincial appraisal

On the basis of bigger and stronger "dry transformation", Sunten has gradually developed to other transmission and distribution equipment. Through cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and multinational companies, it has successively developed advanced transmission and distribution equipment such as dry-type air core reactor, dry-type iron core reactor, half iron core reactor, prefabricated substation, automatic harmonic control arc suppression coil grounding device, power electronics, etc., and introduced the United States in 1999 GE company of China produces a complete set of combined transformer (commonly known as American box transformer)

In 2003, Sunten's scientific research work went to a higher level. In April, the postdoctoral workstation approved by the Ministry of personnel of the people's Republic of China was officially launched, and two postdoctoral workers entered the station; in March and June, technical cooperation agreements were reached with Siemens of Germany and Schneider of France respectively; starting from September, relevant new products -- SF6 gas insulated fully enclosed medium voltage switchgear complete set produced in cooperation with Siemens, blockset132 series low voltage switchgear produced in cooperation with Schneider The voltage switch cabinet and the buried transformer produced in cooperation with Ge began to be promoted around the country; in July, the standard 9 series and optimized 10 series dry-type transformers developed by the company according to the market demand were listed on the market. Due to the advantages of excellent performance and moderate price, the market response was strong and the supply was in short supply; in September, the combined substation of the company passed the three-phase one second arc test in Xigao substation Therefore, it has successfully passed all the tests required by Hong Kong Zhonghua power company. In 2003, the company also completed 60 applications for the national, provincial, municipal and competent departments' science and technology new product development plan, project initiation, review of scientific and technological achievements, science and technology progress award, etc.; organized and completed 38 project appraisal, acceptance and certification, including 5 provincial-level technical appraisal, 19 factory appraisal, 3 dry-type transformer products DNV (DET Norske Veritas) certification and 11 dry-type transformer products CCS (China Classification Society) certification; won 1 science and technology award of China machinery industry, 3 provincial science and technology progress awards, 1 Municipal Science and technology progress award, 2 District Science and technology progress awards, and 2 provincial excellent new products; completed CCC certification and factory examination of low-voltage complete switchgear (4 cabinet types); organized patent application and maintenance, obtained 12 authorized patents, applied for 4, and was approved as Guangdong provincial special Benefit pilot enterprises.