Sunten Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

Quality, environment, occupational safety and health policy


Sunten Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to building a first-class enterprise and creating a world famous brand. In the process of operation, production and management, the enterprise tenet of "customers in my heart, quality in my hands, people-oriented and social responsibility" shall be implemented. Through the establishment and maintenance of an integrated management system, constantly improve the management performance of the enterprise.

We promise:

1. Reduce the occurrence of non-conforming products, and provide customers with high-quality, environmental protection, safety and reliable urban network electrical products and services.

2. Comply with applicable laws, regulations, rules and regulations and other requirements.

3. Continuously improve the product quality level by improving the organization and management of equipment and facilities, technology and process, production; save energy and reduce consumption, reduce emissions, prevent pollution, improve the environmental performance of products, realize environmental protection; reduce the health and safety hazards in the process of equipment and process, prevent all kinds of injuries and diseases, and reduce incidents.

4. The whole staff shall participate in and define the quality, environmental protection and occupational health and safety responsibilities of the staff. Provide effective training and necessary resources to employees, so as to improve their quality, environmental protection, health and safety awareness, enhance their quality and ability, ensure that employees can perform their own work responsibilities, and strive to improve their work performance.

5. Review and review the management system, effectively prevent and timely correct deviation, and continuously improve its operation management and performance.

6. Share the experience in the field of quality, environment, health and safety with relevant parties, and promote the concept of quality, environmental protection and health and safety to suppliers.


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