After-sales Service Tenet: Customers in my heart, quality in my hands.

After-sales Service Concept: Enthusiasm, Efficiency, Integrity, Dedication.

  Sunten electric equipment CO., LTD. strictly carries out product quality control and corresponding after-sales service in accordance with ISO9001 international quality assurance system, performs the responsibilities and obligations stipulated in the product quality law of the People's Republic of China, and provides users with high-quality products and services,

Ensure the satisfaction of users. The specific commitments are as follows:

1.  If on-site customers have any questions about our products, they can contact our  relevant business manager or call our after-sales service department at  86757-22338222;

2.  After receiving the customer service information, our after-sales service  department will immediately arrange technicians to communicate with customers by  phone or email; If it is confirmed that the problem cannot be solved by  telephone or email, our company will arrange the after-sales service personnel  to go to the site for service within 15 working days under normal circumstances  (due to the longer visa time or uncontrollable time in some countries, it will  take longer to arrive at the site).

Customer care

  It is a strong customer-centered support team composed of more than 150 professionals. As the company's customer-oriented window, the customer care center has always put customer satisfaction in mind, and provides customers with high-quality and efficient services with its own profession and enthusiasm every day In the third-party customer satisfaction survey, our customer satisfaction has been very high. With customers as the core, the concept of continuous innovation has been recognized by the authority and customers. The customer care center will always be devoted to providing customers with close care and building an industry benchmark in Chinese speaking areas.

Product technical support

  Provide technical support for all series of Shunte electric products, including product selection and replacement, troubleshooting, simple application problems and installation problems, and provide customers with answers to frequently asked technical questions (FAQs).

Order and business support

  Provide order processing support for the contracted customers of Shunte electric, and provide logistics and business information consultation for all customers, including price, inventory, delivery date, invoice query, etc., and deal with return and exchange of goods, as well as provide e-commerce support.

Pre sale, in sale and after-sale service

  The professional and technical teams in 50 cities in China will provide 7 × 24-hour services in a timely manner. The well-trained and experienced service experts in the industry will provide you with professional service solutions and efficient on-site processing.

Complaints and suggestions

  Shunte electric always attaches great importance to customer complaints. A special professional team is set up to deal with customer complaints. The whole process of complaint handling is recorded and tracked to ensure that every customer complaint is completely resolved.